I just did a post showing BibTeX usage for Markdown posts. In this notebook, we'll also try citing but this time from within a Jupyter Notebook. I want to make sure this works in Jupyter too!

Just to assert that we're really using Python,...

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
%matplotlib inline

print("Yes, this is Python code!")
Yes, this is Python code!

Now, in this Markdown cell, I'll include the same text I did before:

For demonstration purposes, I'll take the liberty of citing a couple of my recent papers, namely the first SignalTrain paper [1] and the new one by Billy Mitchell [2].

# and a little more code
x = np.linspace(-5, 5, num=50)
y = x**2
plt.plot(x, y, 'o-')
[<matplotlib.lines.Line2D at 0x7f2578129eb8>]

And now we wrap it up with the same bibliography inclusion as the previous post...


  1. [1]S. H. Hawley, B. Colburn, and S. I. Mimilakis, in Audio Engineering Society Convention 147 (2019).
  2. [2]W. Mitchell and S. H. Hawley, ArXiv abs/2006.05584, (2020).